window cleaning ny

The quintessential item of any spring cleaning list, window cleaning ny window cleaning in New York is a common thorn in the side of homeowners who need no more chores in their already too chaotic lives. Unfortunately, too many homeowners believe hiring a professional New York window washer is either too expensive or a sign of laziness. In fact, often the time you save is well worth the modest expense, while the pros will be able to deliver superior window cleaning services and allow you to focus on other endeavors. This doesn’t mean every homeowner should hire a professional, but you should at least get estimates and talk to a professional before you immediately dismiss the idea.

Benefits of Hiring a Window Cleaner
New York window cleaning is beneficial in a number of ways, specifically safety, health, and convenience. Frequently, homeowners vow never to wash their own windows again after nearly falling off their ladder. Two-story homes and other difficult to reach windows or sloping lawns make window washing a dangerous prospect even for careful-minded homeowners. Few homeowners realize or are willing to admit that home maintenance projects such as window washing pose a threat to their health. Reaching and bending over, combined with the repetitive motion of cleaning, can wreak havoc on joints and cartilage. Homeowners who used to clean their own windows may very well need to hire a professional as they age and begin to lose their mobility. Trust that there is no shame in this, and use your energy toward more calisthenic activities.

Finally, some homeowners hire a professional window washer because the money is worth the time saved. Often, this is an economic consideration that hinges on your financial resources and priorities. If you can spend, say, $250 on a New York window washer, you can reclaim a weekend to spend with your family, for personal enjoyment, or other worthwhile activities. Thus, farming this project out to the pros may be a wise decision, even if you can, in theory, do the job yourself.

Cost of a Window Washer
The most frequent question we hear from homeowners, and often the deciding factor in whether or not they decide to wash their own windows, is the cost of hiring a professional. Naturally, the size, number, and accessibility of your windows will determine how much having them professionally cleaned will cost. How dirty the windows are and how far your contractor must travel may also influence the cost. You may want to talk to your neighbors about their interest in professional window cleaning, as you can often receive discounts by bundling projects in this manner. Likewise, you might take a look at your carpet, gutters, and other furnishings. Several window washing companies can take care of more than just your windows, and this, too, is an effective way to bundle services. While you will need to talk to contractors to receive specific estimates, our data reveals that the average cost of New York window cleaning is about $250. Recently, we’ve seen projects as low as $50 and as high as $450.